Which course is the right one for me to take?

We get asked this question all the time and as you can imagine, the answer is very specific to each company and each person within that company so it's tough for us to tell you exactly which class you should take. Because of this, we've developed a few web pages that will hopefully help you with the decision process. The first page is literally titled "Which Course is Right for Me?" Here's a link to that page:  https://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/training/roles

On this page you'll see lots of different pre-agile roles. If you don't see your exact title, click around a bit and you'll likely find a description or two that covers you're current role or you'll at least get a sense for what roles change once you're agile and a recommendation on which class would be right.

The second page was developed to give you a side by side comparison of what is offered in each class. If you select Certified ScrumMaster in the first drop down menu and Certified Scrum Product owner in the second, you can easily compare what's covered in each class.