How do I take the certification test?

The Scrum Alliance is the certifying body for your Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) designation. You should receive a welcome letter from the Scrum Alliance within 24-48 hours of completing your CSM course with Mountain Goat Software. Follow the instructions in the welcome letter to set up your account with the Scrum Alliance.  If you are already a member, the CSM exam will be available through a link from your dashboard.

Once you’ve set up your account, you should automatically be prompted to pick which language you’d like to take the CSM test in. If you don’t make that selection right away, go to your Dashboard in the upper right corner and under Actions see a button to take the test.

The exam has a passing score of 37 out of 50 questions. You will have two attempts within 90 days after you receive your welcome email to pass the exam at no cost.  After two attempts or 90 days, The Scrum Alliance will charge $25 for each additional attempt.

The CSM exam takes about an hour to complete, however, you don't need to finish the exam in one sitting.  Stop and restart as many times as needed. Once the exam is complete, you will be asked to accept a license agreement and your CSM badge will appear on your profile.

For information on how to get your certificate, go to  Becoming a Certified Scrum Master®

For additional information, go to at