How to claim PDUs with the Project Management Institute

Once you have completed a training course, you will receive an email with information about claiming Professional Development Units through the Project Management Institute (PMI).  You will be given a Provider ID, a Provider Name and and Activity Number.  If you are credential with PMI, you may log into their website to claim your PDU by following the instructions below.  

If you are NOT credentialed with PMI but are applying to become credentialed and took the class to fulfill a PMI requirement, you will need to first apply at and fill in course information under Contact Hours on the application.  

Note: If you are NOT credentialed or hold a CAPM and are NOT applying to get credentials - PMI will not allow you to report PDUs

Instructions for claiming PDUs

  • Log into the PMI Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS) website at:
  • Select the “Report PDUs” button on the left navigation bar.  This will take you to the Dashboard > Report PDUs page.

  • Click "Courses or training" under the Education column.  This will take you to the Dashboard > Report PDUs > Course or Training Page

  • Enter the name of a provider to find the correct activity.  If the provide is PMI-approved, the activity will show in a drop down menu.

  • Choose the correct activity and the following fields will automatically prefill the following fields: Description, Contact Person, Contact Phone, Contact Email, PDUs. 

Note: If the instructor is not a PMI-approved provider and does not show up in provider list, you’ll need to manually type in the provider name into the field and manually type in the provider’s activity and ALL remaining fields
  • Select correct “Date Started” and “Date Completed” that you participated in activity.

  • Enter or modify the PDU values that align with the talent triangle. (For PMI-approved activities, you can modify the talent triangle PDU values that are pre-populated in the claim form if, for example, you didn’t stay for the entire activity. You may modify talent triangle PDUs to values below the maximum limit for the activity.)
Note: If you provider is not PMI-approved, you must manually enter PDU values under the Technical skill, Leadership and Strategic area for each certification to which the activity applies.
  • Check “I agree this claim is accurate”, then click the blue Submit button.
  • You will be directed to the Claim Submission Results page with different Claim IDs for each type submitted.  You have the option to print this page.  
  • Please fill out the Satisfaction Survey on the page. (This survey may not be available for all education activities reported)

For additional information or help go to

To apply for PMI membership, go to the following: